German made with unsurpassed technology

Our kitchens have been telling the story of creativity and German design which are forever tied to innovation and quality. All components are manufactured and fully assembled in Germany to exacting standards using laser-scanning technology. This gives our team complete confidence that we are delivering superior workmanship that you are unlikely to find from local joiners. Attention to detail, the finest materials and design innovation all work seamlessly together to give life to an exclusive German tailored kitchen. It’s not just about realizing beautiful aesthetics, Tailored kitchens provide reliability and peace-of-mind For a long-lasting kitchen in your home.

Bauformat Dark wood kitchen cabinets made in Germany

Unique design. Modern inspiration. Unforgettable impression. See our wide range of modern kitchen cabinets made in Europe with utmost attention to details. Designing cabinets isn’t just about drawing lines. It’s also about giving life to everything in between those lines.

A kitchen isn’t just a place for cooking. It’s a space for living. Our bespoke products, made with complementary materials, are made to the highest standards and help to create a harmonious and complementary design theme across kitchen, living and dining spaces